Game Designer and Storyteller

My name is Artur Ganszyniec and I’ve been working in the game development industry since 2006, as a game designer, narrative designer, and writer. I focus on interactive narratives, system rhetorics, and communicating emotions in games.

This page gathers info about some of my game-related projects.


I work on design and narration, looking for ways of harnessing words and systems to tell captivating stories that will make a lasting impression on the players.

I had the opportunity to work on big AAA titles for CD Project Red and Techland, mobile freemium games for ATGames, I directed the making of a prototype for one of the upcoming games by 11 bit studios, and in Different Tales I co-designed and wrote artistic and journalistic literary games. Now I’m working on a new project in Anshar Studios.

I use this wide range of experiences to find a unique understanding of the ways games communicate with the players.

Slow Games

“I need to slow down.”

That thought has been coming to me, over and over, for the last few years. I was tired, always running, overworked, and overstressed. I needed to stop and examine where I was in life, think less and feel more, to rebuild relations I neglected always focused on the next release date.

Stopping was not an option, but slowing down… slowing down was doable.

Consulting Designer

Does your story feel a bit off? Is your gameplay fighting with the narrative? Is a character confused about their motivation? Do you wish that people read the dialogues rather than skipping them? Consider contacting me for consultation.

I can support your team in every step of the process, from finding the best way to describe a newly born idea, through breaking down the plot and designing characters, to the final edits of your in-game texts. Both one-time consultations and long-term cooperation are a possibility.

Polish Gamedev Salary Survey

What is the average salary of a programmer, a designer, an artist, or a producer in a Polish gamedev company? How to make sure, that the offer we are getting is fair? How to budget your employment plan?

Please, take a look at a community salary survey conducted among Polish gamedev employees in May 2023.